Startrail Registry Record ID550539149891
Issued byMasaki FUJIHATA, 03 MAR, 2022
藤幡 正樹
H917 × W1233 pixel
8bit gray
digital image made by illustrator
Digital Artwork
Edition or Proof Type
ED 1/14
“Brave New Commons” is a project considering the ownership of digital artwork made possible using NFTs, not based on a uniqueness rooted in conventional materials, but as a novel means of ownership utilizing the properties of digital data. One such means, called the “subdivision method”, determines the price of an artwork by dividing an arbitrary price set by the artist by the number of purchasers. A higher number of purchasers results in a lower final price. Also, as there is no distinction between the original and duplicate in digital data, multiple people will own the exact same artwork, creating a form of “distributed ownership” different from what some call the “co-ownership” of artwork. The number of participants as of January 31, 2020 at 23:59:59 is used to set up the number of editions for a given artwork. Each of the edition numbers is delivered according to the timestamp of the participation.
In the years around 1989, I have been spreading a concept “Computers must be a Mind- Reflector.” This picture came from my drawing, which I made at a meeting. Later one of the participants transformed the picture image to an Illustrator file by using the Trace function. Digested lines have less information, but it is good. Also texts could not have proper font, perhaps because of wrong code. Then this becomes a precious abstract painting.
Contract Terms
Royalty Rate: 10%
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Artwork Activity
06 MAR
06 MAR
Primary Sale
Sold at 3331 ART FAIR 2021 Special Project “Coding Theory: The Future of NFT and Art” held in 3331 Arts Chiyoda (Tokyo) (Exhibition period: 2021/10/28-2021/10/31, 2021/11/5-2021/11/7, 2021/11/12-2021/11/14)